Welcome to Hangover Cure Site

Welcome to the Hangover Cure Site!
Like the name suggests this site aims at providing cure to hangover. You will see lot of hangover remedies, simple tips to cure hangovers and measures you must take for prevention of hangover.


4 Responses to “Welcome to Hangover Cure Site”

  1. Samantha Says:

    1. Keeping on drinking to avoid hangovers is plain idiotic.

    2. Advil, Aspirin, Tylenol: Too late; damage is done. And can mess up your liver bad.

    3. Greasy foods: Saddlebags & cellulite. Hooray.

    4. Chaser pills are only activated charcoal and Tums and don’t work. Enjoy the Trots!

    5. Most so-called hangover pills are nothing more than repackaged vitamins = snake oil.

    There’s only one genuine hangover cure / prevention / remedy. Spam. I never drink w/o it! Tablets and new IntelliShot – lemon-lime functional shot/mixer. And it works before the damage is done because it contains powerful natural immune system boosters and super antioxidants that help flush alcohol toxicity. Namely a poison called acetaldehyde (produced as the liver breaks down alcohol) that is 30x more toxic than alcohol itself. Spam is gonna be bigger than Red Bull (and healthier!) Remember u heard it here first!

  2. Gregster Kidd Says:

    My hangover cure is simple – just never stop drinking – that way there is never a hangover to cure!

  3. jack heron Says:

    Rehydrate immediately, ideally with some called either Suerol or Suerolnol, which replaces the salts and minerals taking a baseball bat too your organs knocked out. It comes in sachets and dissolves in the water you need.

    Then return to bed in time to think up an ailment/alien abduction your boss will believe explains your absence that day.

    Better still, just hold it on a Friday and forego your weekend. That or try trepanning as the key office party game…

  4. Entrenador Says:

    Green tea is great powerful antioxidants and with this drink plenty of water as this will help transport those nutrients throughout the body to help it run more efficiently again and quickly!!
    however the key is “EXERCISE”!!! WHY?
    Thats how you will get the alcohol out of the blood stream quicker and if you do this along with the green tea and water you will feel better quicker as there is no alcohol remaining in the body/bloodstream etc
    This sort of also explains why people are getting fatter in this country too.
    The body has 3 main energy substrates and we use this in the following order to burn energy/fuel:

    1. Carboydrates
    2. Fat
    3. Muscle/Creatine etc

    However if excessive alcohol has been consumed then the energy substrates “CANNOT” run in that order as alcohol is causing a “BLOCKAGE” in the order we burn energy/fuel. Therefore the order has changed and in order to get the alcohol out of the body it has to be through using it as “ENERGY” as the body cannot store alcohol nor just piss it out and its gone. So the order changes to:

    1. “Alcohol”
    2. Carboydrates
    3. Fat
    4. Muscle/Creatine

    in short the sooner the alcohol comes out then the quicker and better the body will start functioning better again hence feeling better and getting going quicker etc

    this is why people in this country are getting FATTER they drink booze eat and eat as well, do limited exercise so the alcohol is not being burned quickly enough as the bodies first energy source and where do you think all the carbs and fats go ???? yes got it!! in one of the 50 million fat cells the body has.

    its not the sugar, calories etc in alcohol its the “DRUG” alcohol that stores in our body/bloodstream, it makes a stance and says you will have to burn me off out of your body first before carbs and fat will burn as your primary energy source.

    so there you have it people exercise, exercise, green tea and water and you have it!

    i havent just explained what to do but why to do it this why and what consequences this can put on your overall health to be wary of in the future, when you know a clear reason of justification, one is more likely to understand, act and “IMPLEMENT”